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Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre (SHNC) offers high quality Long Day Care service in a brand new, intimate, facility on the top floor of the Surry Hills Library and Community Centre. Opening hours are 08:00am - 04:30pm. Demand for this service is very high. Parents and carers are invited to submit an enquiry about enrolling their child or children. By submitting the form, you will be automatically added to our waiting list.

In this section, please show your name and contact details, so we can get back to you to make final arrangments about your child's enrollment. [* = required information]

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* Please indicate your meal preferences for your children.
I will provide all the food for my children, with the meals and snacks prepared by staff.
The service should provide and prepare all meals and snacks.
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Priority Questions The Federal Government requires us to increase the priority of certain applications. Please tick the boxes below where the statements below apply to you, your family or your children.
A single parent who works/studies full time
A single parent who works/studies part time
A single parent who is not working/studying
Both parents work full time
Both parents work part time
One parent works full time, the other works part time
One parent works full time, the other not working
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family
A child with a disability
A family whose CCB is 100%
Non-English speaking background family
A child in a socially isolated family

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Thank for your submitting your expression of interest in SHNC Long Day Care. Please ring us if you have any enquiries.

Please do NOT resubmit the same information. It will not improve your priority in our waiting list!